Gandhi X-Ray, Ultrasound & Color Doppler Centre

For more than three decades now, Dr. Ramesh O. Gandhi D.M.R.D., M.D. (Radiology) and Dr. Krushna Gandhi (M.D. Radiology) have been extending there expert medical services to all their patients.

Services Available
Radio Diagnosis Sonography Color Doppler
Radio Diagnosis Abdomen Arterial
All X-Rays Pelvis Venous
Barium Studies Ob. & Gy. Carotid
Urography (I.V.P.) Thyroid Renal
M.C.U. Scrotum Portal Hypertension
H.S.G. Orbit Penile
Dental Sonomammography Ob, & Gy.
    Guided Procedures    
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